Thursday, June 21, 2012

4-tiered birthday cake..

  my bestie called.. with a super excited tone..'na, be prepared, big order coming on Sunday, i'll come over tomorrow mrng at 9 ya..'

i thought another huge door gift project, like i used to do..
the next morning, i woke up early, waited anxiously.. heheh..

then.. anim came.. and she told me, a 4tiered topsy-turvy.. of red velvet cake..
and the budget is huge.. Alhamdulillah..

then i started with the sketching.. and working on the construction.. started thinking of the current weather, panas oiii sekrg.. and red velvet sgt2 moist.. cemana lah nak topsy turvy.. hrmm

then i called anim.. dlm hati mudah mudahan anim will be ok with my sugestion..

started baking on saturday.. kitchen smells of chocolate velvet cake.. heheh my own version of red velvet, with some extra cocoa, to make it firmer.. (iya iya je my culcalation.. heheh)

sunday morning.. i woke up at 6.. after subuh, i started with the bottom.. a lil sleepy, then decided to do crumb coating first..

abt 10am.. i started mixing colors.. trying to get a nice BLUE shade.. then half (oh i always call my husband half.. hehe) helping me rolled the gigantic fondant for the bottom part..

alhamdulillah, no elephant skit, takde yang terkoyak.. credit to half..

he has to work.. and me continue with the rest of the 3 tier.. i managed to finish all abt 5pm.. pheww..
and now.. the most challenging part.. to send the cake to KLGCC..

megat helped me.. he drove like super slow.. and alhamdulillah, we managed to reach there, without any damages to my cake.. syukur alhamdulillah.. i told megat..'dik, ni lebih nervous compared to nak akad hari tu.. hehehe'

skali lagi kami di uji.. hrmm.. the Puan Sri's PA asked for candles.. then i told her that during the negotiation theres no candle being mentioned.. she said..'u should THINK, its common sense that a birthday must have candle..' dengan gaya cakap nya, pointing to her head as if i am a brainless baker..

terasa tercabar sungguh pada waktu tu.. kenangkan that maruah saya sebagai Marina, a muslimah, a wife to half, a daughter to my proud parents.. i keep pujuk hati utk bersabar.. then that PA came in with another malay lady which i didnt know her nama. and kakak tu said ..'sorry ya Marina, our concerned is how if PuanSri asking for candles..'

and i replied her..'kak, i just want to tell u that i am not supposed to beresponsible on this, BUT, as someone  that has pride i will get some candles for Puan Sri.. that Malay lady tak putus2 apologizing me..

we went to Plaza Damas.. grabbed the candle, and ke KLGCC semula.. she asked for invoice pulak..
haiishh.. lepas discuss on invoice, she asked me to fix the cake.. i dah bagi tahu that stars yang ala2 wand tu, cucuk bila nak letak cake pada puan sri lah.. but she insist to put it on early.. bila saya sampai for the second time, i can feel that ada yg dah mengusik 'wand' tu semua, lubang2 bekas poke tu dah membesar..
masya allah..

hanya Allah yang tahu perasaan kami pada masa tu.. im so thankful to have megat accompanying me.. dan berharap, Half pun ada bersama.. bila balik tu, hati masih terasa, but the payment was great, untuk mengubat   hati.. :)

and tadaaaaaaaaaa... here is our blue 4tiered cake.. hehe