Sunday, June 24, 2012

temari cake..

i just fall in love the first time i saw it from anissa.. then i enrolled to her class.. and now i understand why temari is such an expansive piece of cake.. it is like an art work. the cake is delicious, and the decorations are sooo beautiful.. making it makes me feel happy.. its a new 'love' in the kitchen, all time favourite of mine is always the iced cookies.. :)

temari is "A thousand year old craft from Japan, Temari is traditionally given as a gift. From humble beginnings as simple toy balls for children's play, Temari create a magnetic effect on viewers today. As a spectacular decorating focal point, the puzzle of the design is mesmerizing. The concept is elegantly simple, the end result is simply elegant!"

and from this japanese tradition, people in the UK adapted it as a Temari Cake..

it is just amazing to work on it, from step number one till the final.. all i can say, its pretty detail, but i just love it.. :)

here is some of my very first temari work.. tadaaaa..