Friday, June 15, 2012

4 tiered wedding cake

i received this order like couple of weeks before my wedding..
then the customer said..'oh takpe2, u settle ur wedding first then we discuss abt my cake ya..'

a week after both sides ceremony settled, she txt me and asking for my acc number..
the deal is on..
she sent me a pic, look-alike, but not the same as this one..
she just said that she wanted a fruit cake at the bottom, and the rest are all dummies..

im soo happy with the outcome..
this is the opening after my long break, bertukar status sebagai Puan Marina, and alhamdulillah, with this very    
first order, i received a lot of orders on stacked cake, dan more big projects..
thanks to kak hawa, a baker's friend of mine, who introduced me to shafika..