Monday, February 21, 2011

birthday cupcake for cikgu siti hajar

saya dapat order ni from Cikgu Siti's niece, Anim.. she is one of my loyal customer.. we're like sisters btw..
i love doing anim's order..
she never been fussy.. she always said her theme color, and the rest, she leave it to me..

i made the roses on my own.. hehe.. i was quite impressed with myself some times(so called masuk bankul angkat sendiri ok).. a lefty like me boleh buat roses.. hahah.. someone that i knew said.. 'eh kidal adalah kecacatan ok..'
whatever.. hahahah..

to sister anim, thanks soo much for being my supporter..
to cikgu siti hajar, happy birthday.. mudah mudahan u'll always be blessed.. aminn