Friday, March 18, 2011

farewell cupcakes

my lovely angah will go to another new workplace.. and leaving her memories and friends, in order to continue her career journey..
this is the first time i bake a proper set of cupcakes for my angah.. all this while, angah will just eat whatever balance from order that we had..
i felt sooooo excited when receiving this order..
i dnt even know the customer(tapi sekrg dah kenal kan kak aisyah..)

sangat last minute this order..
but masa dapat this order, i was like sooo excited..
i received this order when i was at jija's place, sending her fondant flowers..
on my way home, saya tersenyum sendirian while driving.. heheh.. punya la excited..

i straight away bake this cuppies..
the next morning..
i prepared some red color fondant, make those stars..
and it is just a 30minute work..
i mms'ed kak aisyah..
she said.."whoaaa cantik, i love it marina.."
lagi la gumbira hati saya..

i sent it to angah's workplace..
then on my way home she called..
'weiiiii kau hantar cuppies dkt bawah.. comelll... thanks soo much aku suka..'
tak sempat saya cakap apa2.. tuuttuuutuuut..