Thursday, February 10, 2011

im back..

Lama betul na tak update blog na.. since arwah ayah sakit, he was in the ICU at ampang puteri for 25days, sehingga lah arwah pergi.. na tak sempat2 menjenguk blog..

here's some of the paper cutting yang my BIL download for us..

masya allah, its been so much ups n downs for the past few months..
arwah had fever the day before he was warded.. as what arwah's wife (my stepmum) told us, arwah jatuh di tepi katil, then she thought he fall asleep at the bed side.. and dia naikkan arwah ke katil semula.. he was snoring as usual..
then at 530am, she tried to wake him up, as on that day arwah nak ke JB semula..
but arwah dah tak sedarkan diri..
she called a doctor.. then that doctor suggested her to bring arwah to hosp..
hosp yang terdekat hanyalah hosp segamat..
we rushed back to segamat.. arwah sedar.. but his condition wasnt really good..
then the next day, we decided to bring him to ampang puteri..
there, arwah mula tak sedarkan diri..
as what the doctor told us..'mungkin he is in deep sleep because of morphine that being given to keep him asleep during the journey from segamat to kl..'

ok.. agak lega to hear that..
then, a neurologist, Dato' Dr Abdul Rani, he told us that arwah might have some brain injury.. masya allah.. jam sekejap..
for the 25days in amp puteri.. kami adik beradik takes turn to be with him.. since im working on my own, i have more time with arwah.. and all along that period, macam2 yang kami lalui and all of true colors are seen.. we knew, who is the real fmly of ours.. siapa yang mmg sayang kan kami.. macam2 lagi.. bergaduh dgn guard, nurses, doctors.. even bergaduh sesama adik beradik is smthg that never be forgotten.. to the team of 7 specialist at the ICU, nurses at the ICU, physiotherapist, neuro-therapist, Sister Begum, Ustaz Ismail Kamus, Ustaz Nasir from Darul Syifa', hanya Allah SWT mampu membalas kebaikan kalian.. Along, Angah, Mak, both BIL's.. with this happened, it makes us closer.. and really apreciate each other..
kepada sesiapa yang hanya menuding jari, tak henti2 tak puas hati dengan kami 3beradik, hanya Allah jua yang akan membalas all of bad thoughts that u have in mind and in ur heart..
sesungguh nya, allah maha mendengar, maha mengetahui..

I am really sad, and down with the fact that arwah dah pergi.. but deep inside me.. im relief.. that arwah pergi di saat kami adik beradik sentiasa bersama dia.. tak pernah jauh dari dia.. and i knew.. inilah janji allah.. sampai saat nya, we have to go.. and leave everything and the love ones behind..