Saturday, December 19, 2009

wHoLe cake..

i got this whole cake order fr a friend.. at first, my client wants a naked girl design on it.. i was like.. **owwhh.. occayy..* it sounds hard.. and i told my bro in law.. 'eii ada org order dgn kita cake design naked girl la.. macam mana eh..' and my abang long seems like excited.. *sighh*
 later, hairil text me, and said.. 'check ur email, ive sned u the design..' macam excited nak tgk, apakah yang client tu nak sebenarnya..

WHEN i checked my mailbox.. this logo appeared.. and i was puzzled.. i called hairil, 'awak funny2 kita eh.. awak kata design lain..' tapi sebenarnya, my client change her mind..

the first and second pic is actually the original design that my client wanted.. the first pic is the beginning of the coloring process.. and the second, its almost done.. i worked on the till it is totally done.. but, later, the owner of the cake text me, and she said.. 'my dear ina, vry sorry to trouble u.. cld u do smthg with the logo..' at first, i tot ive to re-do everything.. but i told her that i do need much time on that.. and when i told he i cld just dram sme lines, and it will look like a giant flower.. then she agreed.. and the third pic is the end product.. alhamdulillah, tho agak kelam kabut with the changes.. but my customer is happy with it.. :)