Saturday, December 19, 2009


we will miss u Fadzli.. and i will miss his Americano more.. hikhik.. but that was the thought that I had while finishing this cake..
then, in the evening, Hairil said.. 'cake dah siap eh?'
na.. 'eh, dah la.. y eh? tak jadi transfer eh?'
Hairil.. 'eh, tak laa.. long story..'
na.. 'owhh, jadi eh? will miss his americano then..'
Hairil.. [HUGE SMILE..]
na..'apesal laa senyum tiba2..'

and to cut this conversation short.. YeayyYYYYY fadzli wldnt be transfer out.. and i could still enjoy his Americano yang sedap itu.. lalalalal
and since na dah siapkan cake ni, kasi juga laa ke Fadzli, for him to enjoy with his love one..