Saturday, December 26, 2009

cuppies for my bestie's hubby~

this cuppies ordered by my bestie.. Anis Rohayu.. she ordered this for her Chenta.. we were on YM one night, and she said, 'darll.. mau order cuppies blh ngga..' i said..'when la darll'.. and she gave me the date, and she told me what she wanted on her cuppies.. she said.. 'wording nya mau.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOVE.. and deco a lot of heart shapes fondant..'

at first, i tried to put on a lot of heart shapes with the colors that she wanted, shich is light pink, baby blue and red.. but it turned to be quite 'kurang sesuai'.. (i cant think of any other word now.. haha..)

and here it is.. a LOTTT of red color heart shape..when i sent to her place that night im happy to see her expression.. anis said.. 'whoaaaaaaa.. CHENTAKU bertaburan...'

darll.. im happy for u and ur partner, and im happy that u both likes the cuppies.. and thanks very much for our friendship, thanks vm for ur support.. i love u buddy.. *hugggs*