Saturday, October 23, 2010

Superdad Birthday Cake

here's another order from jija.. on the same day, same delivery period..
they had a surprise birthday party for the gents..
this Superdad's Birthday Cake is for jija's hubby..
masa plan with jija tu, tak la rasa kelakar sangat.. but the day nak deliver this cake.. funny..
when i called jija asking abt the place.. jija was kinda whispering..
i tanya.. 'eh jija, cakap la kuat sikit sister..'
'oi na, nanti abang dengar laa..'
bwahahaahahahhaha.. but alhamdulillah.. semua nya berjalan as what being planned..

when looked at it.. eh kenapa laa na buat border dia black, yellow and red.. ahah.. superman germany seih.. hahah.. sorry ek jija..
but alhamdulillah.. jija likes it.. thanks sooo much jija for giving me this opportunity.. love u jija..