Wednesday, October 27, 2010


i received order from kak uteh for baby's birthday.. her order was simple.. she just said that she wanted to order a birthday cupcakes, with halloween theme.. this is my first halloween birthday cupcake eversince i started working as a baker.. :)

i was quite thrill with it.. and happy at the same time.. teruja bangat gue.. heheh..

i started do my homework on this like two weeks earlier.. and it was fun.. surfing the net trying to find what is nice, looks great, and macam macam lagi..

then, i got a chocolate mould of a skull shape.. **winkkk** 
then, prepared my royal icing deco.. :)

then, i baked vanilla cupcakes.. with buttercream.. i colored the buttercream with black color..

here's the outcome.. :)

happy birthday Auni.. to kak uteh, thanks soo much for ur trust to give me this opportunity.. :)