Sunday, July 25, 2010

girl's birthday cuppies

 suzie ordered this for her baby.. she said it is for daughter's first birthday..
couple of days later.. suzie PM me on FB again..
asking me about cookies..

here's the cookies, before na pack it in a single pack, tie with pink ribbon..
suzie ordered this as well..
and couple of days later..

suzie ordered this..

thanks sooooo much suzie..
and to Putri Nurdania Qaisara.. happy birthday darling..

here's the feedback from suzie:

                   Nia Sara ma, thanx for da cuppies + cake + cookies...!! so delicious dear!! i loike..!! ♥♥

                                                    July 28 at 2:19pm ·  ·  · See Wall-to-Wall