Thursday, July 15, 2010

Colorful Birthday Cake~

this birthday cake ordered by Muha.. it is atcually for their CSR project.. a birthday bash with kids from Rumah Solehah in TTDI Library..

I met Muha during my weekly coffee session with Nurjenna Tan at her store.. then she told me that she wanted to order either whole cake or cupcakes for 40pax..

i told muha.. 'cuppies will be easier for u to serve, but whole will look great..'

then, couple of days later, Muha called.. she said after discussed w her boss, Effendi, they agreed to order an A3 size whole cake.. it's chocolate cake, and butter cream topping.. then when i asked Muha about the deco.. she just said..'i leave it to u na.. but it is for unisex ok..'
then, Muha asked me about the price..
i told her that, u gimme ur budget, and the rest of the cost, will be on me, since this is for anak2 yatim, that is the only amal that i could do at the moment..

unisex.. ermm.. i used to get order for either boys or girls.. hahah..
then, when i was about to start with the deco, i could only think that.. 'ermm, colorful sudeyy.. it is for everyone...'
it took about 4hrs to finish.. owhh, a bit kelam kabut at the beginning bcs i only have white color buttercream.. nak mix color, nak prepare more buttercream.. but alhamdulillah.. since this is for orphans, everything seems sooo smooth..

i manage to send it over by 11 to Muha's store.. and im happy to see smile on Muha's face, Sasha's, Kak Rose.. it pays well of my effort..

pic ni pun i took from Muha's fb.. the kids seems like cant hardly wait to get their pc of cake.. 

here's sme feed back from Muha..
Muharliza Shahaini 
paling cantik and warna warni cake. we love it Na and the kids too you know. Really appreciate your idea and contribution. Kesian mesti penat nak color color cake ni..thanks much sis.**hug**

Muharliza Shahaini 
oh lupa sedap ok=),and the best part masa tengah potong cake ni, ada 2,3 anak anak tu jerit"..nak huruf A,saya nak H and saya cake huruf T.."hahahha..aku yang tukang potong ni dah jadi huru hara,..

Muharliza Shahaini 
CAKE TERBAEIKK! =D!!!!Thanks u!

and to Kopi-Kopi team.. Congrates and ur kindness touched my heart.. xoxoxox