Sunday, February 28, 2010


this is the second order of whole cake from Bee Asmara.. thanks vm bee..
bee placed this order since january if im not mistaken.. it was after the whole MU cake.. she said,. 'na, 1st or march orang nak order lagi tau..'
i agreed.. then on 2nd week of february.. when we met, she remind me.. she said.. 'Na, 1st of march tau orang nak cake..'
i said..'iya.. theme nya apa?..'
she said..'Superman, atau buat macam buku ada gambar camera..'
na..'Superman cantik kot.. i like..'
bee..'suka hati na la.. buat cantik2 ya.. and manis2 sikit.. cake na selalu kurang manis..'
hahahahahahahaha... tak pernah na dapat client mintak cake lebih manis.. kurang manis banyak laa..
then, bee sent me another txt, mintak cake disiapkan awal..
aiyooo.. it is actually beyond my policy..
and i told bee that it is only for this time..
whatever it is.. thanks vm bee.. na really appreciate it..