Sunday, February 28, 2010

Liverpool Cupcakes

this cuppies was ordered by my bestie.. Anis Rohayu.. she never stop supporting me..
thanks vm darll.. XOXOXO..
that day, Anis called me while i was sleeping.. then she said.. 'Yang, i nak order cake, tapi u sakit..'
then i said..'bila u nak.. kalau tomorrow cannot la dear..'
and she said..'on saturday night or sunday morning..'
i replied..'sunday morning then..'
she said..'okie, early in the morning i datang umah u ok..'
the sunday comes..
i waited for anis after subuh.. hahaha.. but she didnt come.. i text her, she said..'at 10 la yang, i nak tido balik..'
i replied..'im about to go to urs la dear.. its pagi2 now.. and my darling hafiz nak jalan2 naik kereta..'
when i reached her's, she seems like baru bangun.. hikhik.. btw, thanks vm darll for the order.. and thx vm for the continues support.. *hugggs*