Friday, May 3, 2013

Class Schedule

Assalamualaikum and Greetings to all.. After 1month n half bercuti confinement, I'm ready to conduct my decorating classes again.. During confinement, I've received many emails, messages and whatsapp regarding my classes. I will still have some slots for classes at home, and this month I'll be in few places to teach our famous Temari Hantaran, and Stained Glass art cake.. And we gonna start our baking series classes, such as our white cakes with frosting, baklava, iced/sugar cookies class, cake hantaran class and our lazat dropped cookies class. Feel free to write to us to request any personal class on weekdays as most of our weekend are taken. Insyaallah..

11 May 2013 - Personal Baklava class, Setiawangsa
12 May 2013- I'll be in Citra Klasik Kajang for Temari

21 May 2013 - I'll be in Cake Connection, Jaya One for Temari
25 May 2013 - Citra Klasik for Stained Glass Art
26 May 2013 - Studio Angel Cupid Kitchen, Ara Damansara, Stained Glass Art