Sunday, October 28, 2012

First stained glass sugar art class

its my first time conducting stained art sugar class on my own..
my very own solo class..

i prepared those dummy cake earlier, to harden them.. then i prepared my own pattern stencils for my students..
on Saturday, i worked on the stencil again. again and again, till I'm happy with it..
the day came...

the first participant arrived was Auntie Mirawati and her daughter, Lolly.. they are both from Dollies Cakes..
then my own sister.. Marsila from rizq cakes
lastly.. Kak Aeda Shahbuddin from Oven Heaven..
semuanya orang hebat-hebat joining my class..
I'm so flattered.. syukur padamu wahai Allah..

we started at 11am, then break for lunch, and solat.. we had nasi carrot (some sort like briyani, but mum's version), with ayam masak merah, and salads.. then we continue again till about 4.30pm.. and we had an awesome minum petang, our homemade famous karipap daging, with popia sayur..

and tadaaa... here is the outcome from my participants.. hopefully everyone enjoy the class. terima kasih semua for joining our class at Nan's Patessirie..