Tuesday, July 24, 2012

red velvet..

my aunt, Datin Noofilzah Hayati (i call her makdik-means Mak Adik, the youngest auntie i guess) ordered this cake for her bestfriend's birthday celebration..
since she lived so far from mine, Datin Jualiana's (Auntie Ju) house is my drop off centre.. thanks a bunch auntie Ju, im amazed by looking at your 'palace'.. 

Makdik text and said do I have time to bake her this, since it was quite last minute.. i said yeah..
she want this design, with red color which i actually change some of the flowers arrangement from my previous work.. 

sebenarnya, each and every time working with makdik's order brings such a mixed feeling in me.. nervous, anxious, worry.. semua lahhh.. it just because, i do respect her as an aunt, and I don't want to ruin my baking project reputation, and.. I don't want to ruin makdik's choice with her friends..

Alhamdulillah syukur.. each and every time, seems like I passed the test.. mudah-mudahan segalanya berterusan, urusniaga, reputation, good record, punctual.. segalanya adalah cabaran buat kami..

terima kasih makdik, for your support, since the first cake for Arif, back in 2009.. i really appreciate it :)

the pic of the birthday girl.. Happy Birthday Auntie, semoga a greater, and barakah year ahaead for u..
                                         (mkdk, i took this picture that u tagged me in FB..)