Sunday, December 25, 2011

pink and green cupcakes

this cupcakes ordered by my high-school friend, Nura..
she came all the way from Kuantan..
she said.. this is her first time to try cupcakes.. and she've been wondering how does a cupcake taste.
I suggested her to order from a baker friend from Kuantan.. but in her msg, she said she wanted to taste mine..
berbunga riang hati saya to get to know that she's coming to kl over the weekend.. :)

she also said.. she wanted some deco on her cupcakes.. when i asked her, what kind of deco.. she said anything will do.. 

and here it is.. a pink and green.. with some butterflies..
the very next day.. i text her.. to ask her feedback..
and she said.."marina.. sedap those cupcakes.."

alhamdulillah.. im glad that i could make her smile.. dan sekali lagi.. berbunga2 hati saya.. :)
terima kasih ya Nura..