Saturday, June 4, 2011

cupcakes and macaroons

this time i got another order from Sasha Saad, my bestie from Starbucks jusco AU2..
this is actually for their CSR project; Birthday Bash with anak-anak di rumah solehah..
Alhamdulillah, I am thankful to get this opportunity, to do my part, selling my cupcakes and macaroons to u guys with minimum charge..
thanks again guys..

since they place order quite last minute.. nothing much that Nan could do..

cupcakes.. the theme is music and art..
tak sempat nak lukis, tak sempat nak buat fondant instruments and all.. hanya sempat deco with these cake toppers.. semua nya DIY.. but luckily na sempat browse thru their page, and I read that Fathiah (the event coordinator) said their theme color of the day is Black, Pink and Turqoise..
so i put the frosting in black, swirl the buttercream with turqoise, and the paper for cake toppers is in pink.. (challenging jugak lah buat cake toppers ni sebab baru lah nak pergi cari pink color paper at the nearby bookstore..)
Alhamdulillah.. here's the outcome..

and here's the macaroons.. Sasha wanted it colorful.. :)

mula2 masa sasha called me to order this, whoaahhh berangan siap nak buat cream puff to give the kids as my lil treats from Nan's..
tapi tak kesampaian, sebab its such a hectic day..
insyaallah, kalau di beri peluang lagi, insyaallah, i'll try to make some cream puffs ya kawan2..

thanks soo much to Atok (the district manager of Starbucks Jusco AU2), Min, and Sasha for giving me this opportunity again n again.. (this is the 4th or 5th project of Nan's Cakes and them..)
terima kasih banyak2..