Sunday, May 8, 2011

ice cream iced-cookies

my customer always asked me kenapa iced cookies saya quite pricey..
i always said that they are handmade, and it need to be deco piece by piece..
and to those shapes that i dont have the cutter (acuan), i need to get a picture, and cut the dough using a knife piece by piece..
it is time-consuming, and yet, they are fragile..

here's some picture..

inilah cutting process..
i got this design from Leanne from Leanne Touche Graphy.. (she's my friend and she's a good photographer actually..)

im used edible image for this design, because i want it look as great as the design that Lee sent to me.. the edible is quite costy either, thanks so much to Hairil Aszlan from edible printing..

this is why, my iced cookies is quite pricey.. i usually sell from rm3-rm5
with premium quality ingredient, the tedious work, and the decorating time..

to those that purchased my biscuits, terima kasih banyak2 from us at Nan's