Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Dennis the Menace

 kak lia ordered this for her son, Aqeeif's first birthday..
at first kak lia said deco nya apa2 pun boleh, since kak lia is a fan of sponge bob, na terfikir nak buatkan sponge bob cake.. :)
but then, kak lia's hubby, abang man txt me and say, do i know dennis the menace or no..
i said yeah.. he told me that he wanted aqeeif's cake with dennis's picture..
i ordered the Edible picture from Hairil.. since he just bought the printer..
hehe.. business sesama kawan2 kan..

alhamdulillah, kak lia's feedback made me smile..
thanks so much kak lia..
to Aqeeif.. happy birthday dearie.. mudah mudahan menjadi anak yang soleh, bijak, and everything yang baik2 auntie nana doakan aqeeif ya sayang..