Tuesday, March 22, 2011

birthday pack..

amy pm me, and asked me either i am able to do her order or no..
i said yeah, i could slot her order in..

then she told me that she need me to send it to her mum's office in Jalan Hang Lekir..

in my mind.. owh takpela tak tau pun, can google.. hehe..
then, amy told me the whole idea of her order..

a box of cuppies..
helium balloon..
and the last one.. beanie bear with jenama TY..
yang last ni i was like.. 'mana aku nak cari TY bear ni.. masa sekolah dulu ada la dapat birthday pressie..'
i was asking all of my friends yang pompuan2 la.. mana nak cari this TY baby bear.. hiikhik..

then teringat my school junior, Magdalene Ng..
i Ping her BB..
then she said..'babe, u could cari at memory lane..'
dalam hati..'laa kenapa la sengal sangat i ni, cari TY bear tapi dkt kedai hallamrk..tetttt..'

to amy, thanks so much for trusting me.. terima kasih banyak2..
to readers.. ni la order nya.. and bear tu sangat cute, yang paling mencabar untuk di cari..