Saturday, October 1, 2011

wedding cake

jija ordered this cake from me.. she said its for her brother's wedding, Abie..
been negotiating abt this cake since August..
at first, jija wanted to have a buttercream topping cake..
since, i wanted to do a wedding stacked cake, I asked for her permission to use fondant frosting instead of buttercream..
alhamdulillah.. Jija agreed..

then, I was thinking of using fresh roses..
pergi lah beli roses sebanyak yang mungkin..
time nak bersihkan and wrap the roses stalks baru la perasan that ada banyak sangat pesticide..
quite panic at first.. ya lah, tinggal one hour je..
luckily sempat juga pergi cari bunga..
and here's the cake.. 
to jija, thanks sooo much..
to the bride and groom.. Semoga Bahagia and kekal sehingga akhir hayat.. amin..