Saturday, October 2, 2010

Harley Davidson birthday cake

i received this order from Amir for his brother's birthday..
its kinda last minute tho.. at first, amir asked for a harley davidson figurine...
i told amir.. im very sorry.. figurine is smthg impossible when i only have less than 48hrs to complete this task..
then i told amir what about using a motorcycle shaped baking pan..
but it will end up like 3.5kg to 4kg's..
amir said..'owhh besar tu.. how if its just a round normal cake with a Harley Davidson logo that i will email u later..'
then amir mailed me a logo with skeleton.. never know that harley davidson has this kind of logo.. since im not a fan of this btw..

the next day..
amir's sister in law, kak nurul called me up..
she sent me another logo.. as what i drew on the cake..'
she said..'simple2 pun tak apa na.. as long ada Harley logo..'

alhamdulillah.. i manage to complete this task...
alhamdulillah, kak nurul seems satisfied with the cake.. except.. saya terlupa nak kasi candle.. masya allah.. is that because i was too busy, or an ageing factor.. hahah..

to amir and kak nurul, thanks sooo much for the order.. really apreciate it..