Wednesday, October 20, 2010

cupcake hantaran

i accepted this order a month before mum was hospitalized..
but unfortunately, mum warded.. and she went for gall-bladder stone removal operation..
i went back-and-forth.. from hme and amp puteri.. 
quite tiring, but i just can't leave her alone...

tengok2 calender.. ive promised anis with this.. masya allah.. boleh terlupa..
i went home, baked.. and after the cupcake is cooled, i packed them, pack my decorating stuffs.. and pergi la semula ke hospital..
there.. kerja2 menghias pun bermula..

ok laa ada some space for me to work.. tho with limited tools, limited space.. alhamdulillah.. dapat juga siap.. walau pun this time im using ready-made flowers.. and cabaran paling terasa masa nak menyusun those silver balls menjadi heart shape.. ohohoho.. i need more tools btw.. but like along always said..  CHALLENGE..

tadaaaaa... here's the result.. alhamdulillah.. 
then berkejaran pulak ke rumah anis to deliver this cuppies.. because tuan punya nak datang ambil by noon.. mencabar sungguh darling nak siapkan cuppies kawan kamu ni.. haha..