Sunday, June 13, 2010

black n white~

my bestie, Ona ordered a wedding cake for her brother..
she said..'abang aku tu gila cuppies, tapi dia malu2.. kau free tak nak buat kan wedding cake abang aku?'
i told her i would to do so.. we discussed abt her budget and all..
Ona said..'babe, blh tak buat first tier tu whole cake, yang bawah nya cuppies..'
owhh.. boleh belaka.. insyaallah...

ona told me that the theme is black and white.. buat la macam mana pun.. yang penting cantik..
sangat mudah berurusan dgn Ona.. tho she never taste my cakes, she dnt even ask for samples.. and alhamdulillah, she do trust me to do this wedding cake..

Ona ordered this cake much earlier from the wedding.. but at home, i only have the 3tiers cake stand..
owh.. menggelabah laa ciknan mencari two tier cake stand..
alhamdulillah.. lagi 2 hari nak deliver cake ni, i found it at baking supply store..

this is the whole cake..

here's the bottom cuppies..

here's the bride and groom.. with the wedding cake..
to the bride and groom.. Congratulation on ur wedding..
to Ona and sisters.. thank you soo much for trusting me in doing this.. sangat2 appreciate..
(ona, thanks ya tag aku dgn gambar2 ni.. and mintak izin to upload them here..)