Saturday, June 26, 2010

60th birthday cake

i received a call from lydia when i was busy chatting w my bestie, Anis Rohayu..
Lyd's calling me couple of times, and she sounds like in a hurry..
it's actually her friend, Fariza, was waiting for my reply.. can bake her dad's 60th birthday cake or no..
Lyd was telling me that her friend wanted to order number 60 birthday cake, approximately 2.5kgs..
im happily said Occay!!.. then, the end result, the cake weigh 4.5kg.. wowww.. and the icing took me six hours to complete.. when taking Lyd's order, she only said that her friend wants it in turqoise and white, simple and classy.. i keep on thinking.. how am i suppose to deco it.. since it is for a DAD.. biasa nya, customer mintak na buatkan theme yang macam2 for guy, football la, golf la, superman la.. poning I..
but, Alhamdulillah.. siap juga cake ni..
sebelum delivery.. masya allah.. na cover the cake box with it's cover.. and..
nasib baik na check semula.. masya allah.. icing melekat pada cover.. owhh..
i was quite stunt.. and nasib baik Along was at home, dia jadi cheer leader.. cheering me up..
and she sang.. 'that is CHALLENGE..' hahah.. (bila ingat balik kelakar pulak.. nasib baik ada kakak boleh jadi cheer leader..)
and.. Alhamdulillah.. masih sempat to FIX it..
and here's the result..

thanks sooo much Lyd for promoting my cake.. i really appreciate it..
to Fariza, thank you vm for the order.. i hope it does meet ur expectation..