Monday, May 31, 2010

Whole Cake~

Laila sent me FB msg, and she said..'Babe, areu free to bake me a whole cake for my friend's birthday?
then i said..'when will that be?'
then she said..'on friday night ya..'
then she told me what does she wants for the cake..

at first she said she wants the cake in black.. then i tried to put the black color buttercream on top.. and it doesnt turns to be soo well with the lil dolls.. i decided to change it to red and put some black stripes around the cakes..

couple of days before the date, Laila txt me again and added her order to sme boxes of giftpack..

there are two pcs of cookies, and two pcs of chocolates..

thanks vm for ur order babe.. really appreciate it.. :)