Friday, May 21, 2010

poker poker poker

another poker theme cupcakes..
this set of cuppies ordered by my lil cousin.. Aida Izani Kamal..
we didnt meet for soooooo long.. and she added me in FB.. then, she sent me FB msg.. saying that.. 'Kak Ina(my adik sepupu call me kak ina/kak adik..), adik nak order cupcakes laa.. but not for now.. later k.. how do u sell them..?'
the i replied on the packages that i have.. 
then, couple of weeks later..
Aida..'kak ina, adik nak macam ni, macam pic yang adik attach, but yang merah tu tukar pada orange, and ada banyak heart shape k..'
Nan..'okie dokie.. adik nak bila..?'
Aida..'as the date that she said.. and kak ina, could u pls send them to my college.. KLMU..'
and bla..bla.. the details of our conversation was too long..

I am happy that i get this order, means more rezeki coming to me..
but smthg I am much happier about is.. I found my cousin again, and we are communicating.. and i do miss seeing my cousins.. we are apart for sometimes.. for the reason that i dnt know y.. Alhamdulillah, i got two kind of rezeki at a time.. 1)money coming in.. 2)mudah mudahan.. with this, our family ties will be strong and as close as before again.. aminn..~