Saturday, April 17, 2010

Lyd sent me FB msg.. owh.. masya allah.. setelah berapa lama saya tak berhubung dgn lyd.. the last time when we both went to Starbucks Experience Class.. Lyd's order is vry2 simple and brief.. She wanted to order cuppies for her friend's bachelorette party, theme colour is white and pink and write down the bride-to-be's name: Sh Salwah...
i am happy to do this.. but at the same time, im thinking hard.. 'apa nak buat ya for bride-to-be.. since i was on my soo long leave from the kitchen due to my back problem.. 
alhamdulillah.. this is what i could come out with.. and Alhamdulillah.. Lyd, and her gang was happy with those cuppies.. thanks vm Lyd.. and to the bride to be, tho i dnt know you... Congratulation my dear Sh Salwah..  :)