Sunday, March 7, 2010

im sick..and im sick of people's thought~

these few days, since the weather gone too hot.. i easily get my chest pain again..
i had bronchitis on Dec 2008.. and I think the sickness come again.. owhh.. sangat menyiksa kan..
especially during day time, when its toooo hot.. and the worse thing is when i do baking, or any other thing in the kitchen, i will get my chest pain again.. bcs i cldnt stand the heat.. then the solution is VENTOLIN.. but im kinda not-so-strong with the effect, i will become giddy after taking it.. people might think that I am lying because in 15-20 mins after taking it, i will feel the giddiness, but after a good long sleep, i will become super fine again. and i could still go out for coffee, or main farmville... but peeps, tu bukan la pembohongan semata.. tho giddy, and kurang sihat, i do still working on my cakes, and i do still look after two lil heroes at home, and i do still helping mum with the house-chores.. well, people might say anything, but saya dah cuba menggagahkan diri ini untuk terus membantu apa yang patut.. lalalal..~