Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Dad's Cupcakes~

on March 1st was my dad's birthday.. but i was quite busy going to lcct, then go hme, and go back to lcct.. so this cake is only ready by yesterday..
i couldnt go back there to send this to dad.. so i opt to send them by KTMB service..
when i reached there, there's an oldman that i couldnt get his name, says that I cant use their service to send my lil cuppies.. when i asked again, Y? y do u say cant while ur customer service personnel told me that I could opt for your service but the risk is on me.. he was speechless..
then, an un-nice-so-not-comfy feeling came to me..
i took the cuppies back, and send them by bus ekspress.. harap2, sampai dgn rupa paras yang macam ni la ye ke sana..
to dad, i knew that it might be possible for u to see this, but i would like to wish u a verrrryyyy happy birthday..
and i really love u dad.. *hugggsS*