Friday, February 26, 2010

cupcake hantaran

this cuppies was ordered by Atiqa.. she got to know about my cupcakes from a friend's friend, name Aida..
at first, Atiqa wants to have some order ornaments on the cake.. i tried to do as what she wanted, but the result isnt really good.. in her msg she said..' saya nak putih, hijau, ada roses, ada ribbon, ada heart shape, ada Selamat Pengantin Baru Wari & Atiqa..' due to some circumstances, Nan terpaksa la ubah apa yang patut.. and here is the outcome.. this green and white is from her hubby to her..

this is from Atiqa to her hubby.. after some discussion, she still insist to have her hantaran with these Chelsea Logo.. at first Atiqa wanted some Chelsea jerseys.. when i told her that, 'Akak rasa tak sesuai sangat la Atiqa..' but she still wanted to have the logo.. her msg said..' nak warna biru putih, ada roses biru, logo chelsea, jersey chelsea..' this is my finished products.. tho it doesnt really satisfy me, but Alhamdulillah, Atiqa was really happy with both sets of cuppies that she ordered from me..
thanks vm Atiqa.. and Selamat Pengantin Baru..