Friday, February 19, 2010

colourful cuppies~

i received an order from a friend.. but suddenly, he called me.. but i didnt answer, because i was already travelling in my dream zone.. then he sent me a text saying.. 'Na, cuppies tu dah siap ke, kalau dah, na masuk la dalam fridge dulu, bcs my friend said she wants it on Monday..' i read it much much later after the text was sent.. and it was mixed feeling in me.. a lil upset, and feels like i need to be a bit more strict on taking deposit.. so then if this kind of thing happen, at least ive covered my capital.. then, my supercomputer was working hard.. 1)what am i going to do with this cuppies.. 2)if nak kasi neighbour, nak kasi siapa.. could give half to farah and amira dkt belakang rumah, those lil girls never bored with my cakes.. alhamdulillah.. then, i told hairil about it.. he said.. 'hold dulu, jangan kasi orang.. then, not even an hour, he sent me text saying.. 'yeayy, my friend nak borong semua yang u nak lelong tu..' alhamdulillah.. im sooo happy with that.. walaupun hanya RM1 each, at least i could cover my cost.. to hairil, thanks very much for your kindness.. and to the lovely lady name Dewina, thanks very much for buying my lelong cuppies.. i really appreciate that..