Wednesday, February 3, 2010

alphabet's cuppies~

this is a set of cuppies for Nadia's birthday.. she's a daughter of Kiki Desiana that I knew from Great Eastern Mall.. our daily morning chat leads to a nice and beautiful friendship.. Kiki ordered two sets of different themes of cuppies fo Nadia's 5th Birthday.. thanks vm kiki for the order..

here is the second set of cuppies.. Kiki's direction was kinda brief, simple and easy.. She said.. 'Marina, i would like to order two sets of cakes from u.. One set with alphabets as the deco, and the other one with butterflies..' when i asked her about the theme color, she said.. 'it's baby blue and purple..'
again, thanks very much Kiki.. to Nadia, have a great birthday and great year ahead..