Thursday, January 7, 2010


these farewell cupcakes ordered by my old friend, NANA.. it's been ages we didnt see each other, and nana sent me a msg in my FB.. she said she's interested in buying my product.. alhamdulillah..
then she sent me other msg, saying that am i free to bake for her on one particular Sunday,.. after checking my schedule, i agreed to do it for her.. since it is such a short notice order, i cant think of anything that relates to farewell besides, aeroplane.. haha.. and here's the outcome..
after that delivery, nana sent me msg, saying that she and her gang likes the cuppies... nana said..'adik, nana suka sangat chocolate cake tu, tapi nana kurang suka butter cream because it is too sweet for me.. but kawan2 nana semua kata sangat sedap because it isnt too sweet for them..'
alhamdulillah... im glad that my client happy with my product.. nana, thanks vm for ur support.. really appreciate that.. *HUGGGS*