Monday, November 16, 2009

FAIRUL again..

saying no,seems very hard when im dealing w fairul..
fai sent me txt at 3 in the morning asking me about cuppies..
i'll just reply him when i woke up the nxt mrng..
this time fai said.. 'na, x apa la na kalau kau tak sempat..'
i seriously cant say NO to fai..
especially when he started buat ayat sedey tu..

a customer like fai is very easy..
he just said, anything will do..
as long as starbucks theme..
black and green..
and fai said.. 'na, afai taknak cream2 enak tu, opis aku ni takde peti sejuk.. air cond ada laa.. tapi x sesejuk salji ya.. sejuk2 macam kamar puteri raja beradu..'
that is fai.. never fail to makes me laugh.. and he really makes my day..
i dnt know what shld i do for fai's.. starbucks theme..
i dnt want it to look alike the one that i made before..
and how to make it nice.. since fafai doesnt want butter cream on the top..
i finally chose to topped the cuppies with fondant..
and the result is.. YEAYYY...
and alhamdulillah.. fafai the vampire also likes them..
fai, thanks vm dear for supporting me again..
thanks very much.. *HUGGGS*