Saturday, October 31, 2009

poker theme again..

fairul called me on thursday night..
he called me few times, but i wasnt able to answer his call..
and later he sent me txt..
'Na, Fai here.. Pls call or reply me whenever u can.. URGENT..'
i was quite panic.. tot he might need any help fr me..
in my mind.. 1)fai accident, 2)kena snatch, 3)bla bla.. sme other negative thoughts..
then.. he called.fai:'ya ampun kau ni na.. apa nak jadi ni.. mak call tak jawab..'
na:i was in my kitchen just now fai.. kenapa? u ok? accident? bergaduh dgn org?
fai:na, nak order cupcake..
na:OMG.. tu la yang URGENT kot.. na ingat kau dah kena culik dgn pontianak..
fai:aku ni ahli keluarga keliwon.. mana la pontianak berani nak culik.. HAHAHAHA(ketawa ala2 vampire yang makes me scared when i was working at night with fairul..)
na:nak bila? theme apa? color apa? suka la order2 last minute ni.. nasib baik fai.. isshh...
fai:nak color hitam, wording pink, poker card, seharusnya POKER..
then i agreed, and my head started to imagine, how wld the cupcake look alike..
i just want smthg simple.. but wondering.. how would the the black ornament look good on a black color topping..
hrmm.. just try tho.. and here's the result..
alhamdulillah.. im happy with the end product.. and i am happy they really happy with them..
and to jan, happy birthday.. to fai, and the danker's twins.. thanks vm for the support..