Friday, October 30, 2009

my new findings..

this is my first entry to my own blog..
i saw my sister, my bro in law.. and few frens and their blog..
i do like writing, but i dnt really know what am i suppose to write about..
but i think, it'll be nice if i cld write about my baking activity..
i do baking not because i want to compete with other bakers at anywhere, or i want to ruin anyone's business..
but that is my passion..
and it is my distressing process.. as i always love to do it..
i started baking since i was in high school..
at that time, i was selling my mum's recipe of chocolate cake for only 18rm each whole chocolate cake with its chocolate topping..
by then, my regular customer was my auntie, who is a school teacher and her gang..
i'll bake few pcs of chocolate cake every friday, and deliver them to her school..
it was kinda good money back then..
i dnt know what makes me stop baking..
but later, seeing a lot of pretty cupcakes from the net,
and seeing my nephew's first birthday's cuppies,
makes my enthusiasm growing again..
this time i am more keen, and more serious i guess..
tho i am still new, but i am very thankful for all of the support that i gain from friends and the love one.. a zillion thanks to along that always showed me what is new and telling me what am i suppose to do..
up to now, alhamdulillah, im getting orders for every week..
thanks friend.. and thanks everyone who supported me..
and thank you cami.. your smile, and your 'celoteh' always keep me smiling while im doing my cuppies..